The Lost Art of Pencil Sharpening By Hand
The Lost Art of Pencil Sharpening By Hand
If you start a pencil-sharpening business, you can expect to hear this question a lot. The short answer? No, this is not a joke. You pay David Rees money and he sharpens your pencils. It actually happens. picked by suebe 2 months ago
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2 months ago
Owning a butcher shop, I have much easier access to knives than to pencil sharpeners. I've been using the older knives to sharpen pencils by hand for years now, but I had no idea I could have been charging people for my lovingly handcrafted services.
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2 months ago
it's not such a bad idea actually. People that draw a lot know that pencil sharpeners suck. We usually just end up hand sharpening them ourselves (gotta love my husky blade!) I suppose this service isn't so bad for people that are prone to accidents lol.
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2 months ago
I grew up working a custom cabinet shop where sharp was a must. I don't think I ever used a pencil sharpener. In fact, I'm not sure we even had one. lol
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2 months ago
As a kid I sharpened my pencils with a knife at school just to be a badass. Now that same pocket knife would land a kid a suspension or expulsion :(
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