"The Mike" Painting on Family's Wall May Be A Michelangelo
"The Mike" Painting on Family's Wall May Be A Michelangelo
A Buffalo, NY family called the painting "The Mike" never realizing that it could be an actual unfinished painting by Michelangelo. picked by suebe 5 months ago
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5 months ago
My great-great-aunt, who died in 1996, used to keep a Picasso underneath her bed. It was framed in pure gold, therefore she was too afraid to ever show it to anyone. One of her greatest fears was that the Italians from the pizza place on the first floor could break into her apartment and steal it, so she kept her bedroom door locked at all times. Her fear of the Italians was mostly fueled by the fact that they built atomic bombs in their backroom, which she could tell from the smell of the contaminated air in the backyard.
The pizza place was a yarn store run by a nice, elderly woman from Duesseldorf, by the way.
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5 months ago
What's interesting is if this is in fact a 'Mike', there's been a direct line of knowledge through private ownership as this painting was passed from person to person, country to country.
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5 months ago
Wouldn't it be awesome to find out something you own was worth millions? It's like the Antique Roadshow on Steroids.
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4 months ago
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