James Frey's controversial method of book writing
James Frey's controversial method of book writing
How to write a book: Hire a bunch of aspiring young writers who desperately want to get published. Pay them a pittance and sign them into constrictive legal contracts. Publish their writing in your name. picked by b2run 4 months ago
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4 months ago
Isn't that how most of the early rock and roll stars got their start?
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4 months ago
He was 110 percent that there was no truth,...And rumors had indeed been racing all over the program about Hughes: Frey had paid off Hughes’s debt and was promoting him as a rising talent; Hughes was flying to L.A. to meet Spielberg; he had bought his mother’s house and an apartment in the Village; he was a multimillionaire. That’s what we heard, anyway. So why shouldn’t we pitch to James Frey?
I thought those Columbia students were smart. Six figures in debt to learn to write (which you learn in grade school and can perfect in a library) and nothing about not being a gullible idiot? Guess Columbia doesn't want to give up that cash cow.
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4 months ago
This is why copyright should be altered. The original author of a books should allways have SOME copyrights that are attached to them, that are unsellable .
Pretty much the deal with some rockstars (Guns 'n' Roses I think, but I'm not sure) that after selling their copyright, weren't allowed to play their OWN songs, because of copyright infringement
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4 months ago
The agreements are fine. They are a great way for a person wanting to be a published writer to get noticed - and to earn some money should they be talented.

DoggySpew your idea is unwise.

What sort of nanny state do you propose where you want to make it illegal for a person to sell what they created? If I build widgets I can sell those widgets and they're no longer mine. I can't go and keep using them.

Gun's and Roses sold their copyrights for money. That is sort of the whole purpose of writing them in the first place. Yes, once they are sold the new owners can do with them as they please. They can stop the original owner from performing them without paying a fee, they can license them to politicians or causes which the original owner finds distasteful. That is fine. That is how it should be. That is how it has to be.

What about an inventor. Should an inventor be allowed to sell his invention? Should a person/company who discovers a new drug be able to sell it to a company with enough money to make it viable?

Your way, there would be a lot of broke musicians/authors trying desperately to get noticed.
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4 months ago
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Your way, there would be a lot of broke musicians/authors trying desperately to get noticed.
I think regardless of which way we go there's a lot of broke musicians/authors trying desperately to get noticed haha.
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4 months ago
A question here I think might be - Does our convoluted media and legal system get in the way of artists creativity? I don't know, I think artists always get a kick out of fighting the system. And people are always inventing silly ideas about the artists. As a reader though, it doesn't matter much to me how he wrote the book or who it belongs to, or if he copied something.
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3 months ago
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3 months ago
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