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The Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project Posted: 4 months ago by suebe
Imagine, you come back to your car to find a parking ticket on your windshield. Immediately, depression and self-blame set in. Yet when you open the envelope to assess the damages—Hark!—an angel has come to help you reclaim your emotions! An original work of art lay in tandem with the ticket!
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"Piss Christ" Vandalized After Christian Protest Against "Blasphemy" Posted: 4 months ago by B-MoreRavensFan
When New York artist Andres Serrano plunged a plastic crucifix into a glass of his own urine and photographed it in 1987 under the title Piss Christ, he said he was making a statement on the misuse of religion. Controversy has followed the work ever since, but reached an unprecedented peak on Palm Sunday when it was attacked with hammers and destroyed after an "anti-blasphemy" campaign by French Catholic fundamentalists in the southern city of Avignon.
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Aviary Introduces Voice Control for Apps Posted: 4 months ago by suebe
World, meet our latest labs feature: Parrot, the voice-activated actions enhancement for the Aviary suite! Parrot allows you to use voice controls within any of the currently released Aviary apps, to help you gain even greater control over your workflow.
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Graffiti from Pompeii Posted: 5 months ago by Awaras
Graffiti found on the walls of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii which was buried by a volcanic eruption in 79 AD. (Contains NSFW language)
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The model for famous "tennis girl" picture revealed. Posted: 5 months ago by kelephon
The model behind the famous "tennis girl" picture has revealed that she has little interest in tennis, had to borrow the gear from friends and family, and that the tennis balls were for her dog.

And though it is one of the most famous pictures ever taken, she has not made a single penny from it.
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Sculpture mystery baffles Concordia researchers Posted: 5 months ago by mutil8or
Montreal's Concordia University wants the public's help in solving an archeological mystery involving an ancient stone statue
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Penis graffiti dropped from competition Posted: 5 months ago by Bornbad
A painting of a large penis on a bridge in Russia's second city St Petersburg has been dropped from the shortlist for an art prize, the organizers said.
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Mysterious chemical reaction is destroying Van Gogh paintings Posted: 6 months ago by bingo
The work of Vincent Van Gogh may be among the greatest artistic achievements in human history, but barely a century after his death his work is already starting to fade. The bright yellows of his paintings are turning to a murky brown. But this isn't any ordinary decay - and scientists used a particle accelerator to figure out the previously-unknown chemical reaction that is slowly destroying the works of the Dutch master.
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The Master Race’s Graphic Masterpiece Posted: 6 months ago by Bornbad Hitler got that cool look.
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We have only begun to tap into design’s real potential Posted: 6 months ago by Bornbad
Design is an inescapable dimension of human activity. To adapt one of my favorite quotes by Reyner Banham, like the weather it is always there, but we speak about it only when it is exceptionally bad or exceptionally good.
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Guillermo del Toro’s amazing creatures Posted: 6 months ago by plurk
Although del Toro makes suspenseful movies, he often seems less like a disciple of Alfred Hitchcock than of Hieronymus Bosch. “I don’t see myself ever doing a ‘normal’ movie,” del Toro said. “I love the creation of these things—I love the sculpting, I love the coloring. Half the joy is fabricating the world, the creatures.”
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Sacha Baron Cohen is going to adapt Saddam Hussein’s novel, Zabibah and the King Posted: 7 months ago by Bornbad
Paramount Pictures has set a May 11, 2012 worldwide release date for the Sacha Baron Cohen comedy The Dictator.
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Susannah York has died Posted: 7 months ago by bingo
British actress Susannah York, one of the most memorable film faces of the 1960s, has died from cancer aged 72, British media reported late on Saturday.
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Dire Straits 'Money For Nothing' Banned in Canada Posted: 7 months ago by cb__
The ban came after a listener to a radio station in St. John's, Newfoundland complained that the 1985 song includes a derogatory word for gays.
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Calvin and Hobbes search engine Posted: 7 months ago by b2run
This site can find you the strip, describe it, tell you what book it appears in, and let you view it.
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New Edition Of 'Huckleberry Finn' Will Eliminate Offensive Words Posted: 7 months ago by bingo
Saying they want to publish a version that won't be banned from some schools because of its language, two scholars are editing Mark Twain's classic Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to eliminate uses of the "N" word and replace it with "slave."

(N is for nigger, just in case you were wondering. When did we come so afraid to say a word?)
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Never-before-seen picture of Edgar Allan Poe on eBay Posted: 8 months ago by distantsalem
This is an ebay auction I just happened to stumble on. I wish I had the cash to buy it but I'm too POE.

I acknowledge that that pun is terrible and do hereby assure you that I don't think I'm clever or funny.
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Who Were The Cowboys Behind 'Cowboy Songs'? Posted: 8 months ago by bingo
A close examination of a collection of cowboy songs recorded more than 100 years ago shows that, despite the popular image of the American West, cowboys were a multiracial, multiethnic group.
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The Birth of the Arts Posted: 8 months ago by 2manyusernames
throughout human history and around the world, our species has displayed an undying impulse to create art—to adorn ourselves, our artifacts, and our surroundings; to make music, dance, dramatize, and poeticize. And we often spend vast quantities of time, energy, and material resources doing so. What lies behind the age-old, persistent human urge to make the ordinary extraordinary?
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Staggering Cache Of Picassos Turns Up In France Posted: 9 months ago by bingo
A retired French electrician and his wife say they stashed hundreds of never-before-seen works estimated to be worth at least $80 million in their garage. The works are believed to be authentic, but it's not quite clear how they came to be in the couple's possession.
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First Rock and Roll Song Identified Posted: 9 months ago by bingo
"That's All Right Mama" by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup is the world's oldest rock and roll song, according to Southeastern Louisiana University rock historian Joseph Burns, who also thinks this song could contain the first ever guitar solo break.
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Mark Twain's autobiography is published after 100 years Posted: 9 months ago by b2run
The first of three books comprising the complete autobiography of Mark Twain is now out. Twain wanted to wait 100 years after his death for it to be published.
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James Frey's controversial method of book writing Posted: 9 months ago by b2run
How to write a book: Hire a bunch of aspiring young writers who desperately want to get published. Pay them a pittance and sign them into constrictive legal contracts. Publish their writing in your name.
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The Underbelly Project Posted: 9 months ago by suebe
Somewhere in NYC there's an abandoned subway station, "unfinished, unused and undiscovered." Starting in 2009, 103 artists were secretly escorted into the space to create works of art, encompassing installations, paintings, aerosol, murals and more. Each artist was given one full night to work on their piece. At the end of the project, the original entrance to the station was removed. See more at the Underbelly Project site, and here and here and an interview with one of the artists.
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Spicy Fleshy Wonderland. Posted: 10 months ago by donteatpoop
I want so badly to go here. This looks like a great way to waste a day. (despite the title, safe for work)
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